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Updated Competence Database

The Competence database is based on the member's competence profiles in geometric and dimensional metrology. Each profile consists of several services which have been defined according to different dimensional metrology items (instruments, standards and artefacts, tools and methods, specific objects as well as supporting tasks).

The current database figures are:

  • 45 active members
  • 476 member records
  • 2776 services defined
  • 3045 available parameters
  • 1277 specified parameters
thread measurement in progress

Online Calculation

EVIGeM offers the possibility of calculating the pitch, diameter or indicated value for thread measurements according to the guideline EA-10/10 online on this website.

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FRT MicroSpy Fringe Projection

The MicroSpy Fringe Projection Extremely fast - extremely good

The most cost-effective version of the FRT instruments line is the MicroSpy Fringe Projection.The instrument can be applied for very fast, precise and high-resolution topography measurements. The MicroSpy allows the complete topography of a surface to be acquired during one single measurement...

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Additional organisations are invited to apply for a membership in the EVIGeM Virtual Institute. If you are interested in joining this network in the field of geometric and dimensional metrology, contact us and inquire about membership. Applications from companies and institutes offering technical expertise in any of EVIGeM’s dimensional subject areas and supporting tasks are always welcome.

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Measurement Science and Technology

Various glossary term:

Single-flank working test

In the single-flank working test, two gears are meshed with each other at the prescribed centre distance so that either the right flanks or the left flanks remain in a continuous engagement (single-flank engagement). The single-flank working deviations of the right flanks of a gear generally are different from those of the left flanks of the same gear. Starting from a given position, the occurring deviations of the rotation angle, i.e. The angular position deviations of the gear compared with the theoretical ones (given by the positions of the mating gear and the teeth number ratio, are measured. This requires the use of a reference measuring system (reference gear unit) realising the zero-deviation angular positions (theoretical positions). The deviations are generally stated as a distance along the circumference of a test circle, e.g. The reference circle or the base circle. Alternatively, they may also be determined in an angular measure (e.g. Seconds or in milliradians or microradians). Reference: Freemann, Henry G.: Wörterbuch technischer Begriffe mit 6500 Definitionen nach DIN; Beuth Verlag GmbH Berlin Köln, 1992